Western Australia State Budget 2024-25

5/9/20241 min read

The WA State Budget 2024-25 has been delivered and the full budget papers have been published.

As expected, there are no material changes to State Taxes (other than a new exemption / concession for first home buyers).

However, the budget disclosed an expenditure item relating to an 'apprentice grant' initiative. Pre-Budget announcements revealed that “employers of apprentices can receive a grant of $15,000 or $12,500 depending on what year of the apprenticeship their employee is in and a bonus rate if they employ females or mature aged apprentices or trainees”. There are currently limited details around eligibility and the application process.

More information can be found about the broader budget on the WA Government's website.

Budget Snapshots | Western Australia State Budget (ourstatebudget.wa.gov.au)

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to further discuss the impacts of the WA State Budget 2024-25 on your business.