About PPM Tax Group

Specialisation is the key

About PPM

As one of Australia’s premier boutique tax firms, our goals are simple – we want to build lasting professional relationships and deliver results that enhance your profitability. We do that through our two businesses – PPM Tax & Legal and PPM Tax Tech. Together these two specialised businesses form one cohesive unit that provides unmatched tax and legal advice and practical, proactive solutions that let you, our client, thrive.

Our Team

Our team is the backbone of everything that we do. Together we have unmatched experience working in Big 4 accounting firms, top-tier law firms, State Revenue Offices, the ATO and major State Government owned entities. And we’ve leveraged that experience over the decades to build our unparalleled track record of delivering value in highly specialised areas. 

As part of our team, PPM’s directors are invested in every aspect of our client support and success. With decades of experience and an unmatched reputation in the industry, they have a passion for producing results and a pride in generating client satisfaction.

Our approach

Our approach relies on our unique specialisation. And it’s what separates us from other tax practitioners. Rather than treating every member of our team as a generalist who can take a stab at everything, we ensure that each person has a particular focused specialty area. This gives us our deep expertise in those areas and enables us to wade through complex legal and tax issues and conceptualise practical and valuable solutions that we might not otherwise be able to do. 

We also have a partner-led focus. That means you get the benefits of not only a specialist, but an expert specialist actively involved in your engagement.

Australia-Wide Service

Though we operate out of offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, we advise multi-national and regional businesses as well as other legal and accounting firms across Australia. We have a commitment to peerless client service and superior advice and we use that to help our clients regardless of their location.

Our Businesses

PPM Tax & Legal

PPM Tax & Legal is our original business entity and is both an incorporated legal practice and a registered tax agent. Under the PPM Tax & Legal banner, we provide indirect tax consulting services relating to stamp duties, payroll tax, customs and excise duties, GST and Workcover.

PPM Tax Tech

PPM Tax Tech is a registered tax agent and was established to manage our technology-related businesses. This includes acting as Teletrac Navman’s exclusive partner for the design and operation of the FTC Manager product. 

PPM Tax Tech is also exploring other opportunities to use technology to assist our clients to meet their indirect tax obligations.  

The company that makes a difference.

PPM is Australia’s premier boutique specialist tax group, with an unparalleled track record of delivering exceptional value in highly specialised areas of tax.

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