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Staying ahead of the competition is a constant challenge. As a business you’re always looking for new and innovative products and ways to improve services and enhance value. To maintain a leading position, particularly in a world of increasing globalisation, Australian businesses need to approach innovation intelligently, with a dedication and desire to improve the products and services offered to their customers.

With unrivalled depths of technical expertise and experience, PPM’s specialist R&D practice understand these challenges, as well as the opportunities research and development can bring to your business. We offer you the highest calibre of R&D tax advice and services with unparalleled outcomes for your business.

Funding to keep you ahead of the competition

The R&D Tax Incentive Program

The Federal Government understands that innovation is vital to the health of the Australian economy. Because of that, the government has funded a number of grants and incentive schemes to assist Australian businesses engaged in research and development. The most generous of these is the R&D Tax Incentive program.

If it falls under the legislation, or even if it doesn’t, we can help you understand the best way forward in terms of stamp and. transfer duty.

How Does It Work?

The R&D Tax Incentive program is a non-competitive, entitlement-based, ‘no strings attached’ incentive for Australian businesses engaged in eligible R&D activities. This means that if your business meets the eligibility requirements, it will be given access to the tax incentive, with no further hoops to jump through. The financial support is then given to you either as a cash refund or as a reduction in the amount of tax payable to the ATO, leaving you with, essentially, more cash in hand.

The benefit of this process is that you’ll have assurance of the resources you have available to commit to your R&D projects, which makes it easier to plan and implement them strategically. The challenge now becomes understanding how to get the maximum amount of R&D Tax Incentive available to you, without exposing yourself to risk in the event of a review.

We can help.

What We Do

In order to place you in the best possible position for your R&D Tax Incentive, PPM’s specialist team uses their breadth of experience and depth of expertise to meet your business’ specific R&D Tax Incentive needs. This wide range of R&D Tax Incentive advice and solutions might include:

How We Can Help

We help you navigate your way through the complex area of R&D tax incentives all while delivering unparalleled and exceptional outcomes along the way. Our specialist R&D Tax Incentive team have the deep technical expertise to assist you to maximise your R&D tax claim, while also identifying and mitigating any risks of the process. When you work with PPM, you’ll have the utter confidence that any incentive you receive will not be undone in the event of a review.

Our unmatched outcomes are the result of a partner-led, hands-on approach. With our R&D Tax Incentive advice and management you’re free to concentrate on your business needs, on your innovations and on your own internal results. You can simply leave the tedious form filling and expenditure finding to us.

Who We Help

PPM Specialist R&D Tax Incentive team provides advice and services to a wide range of Australian based businesses, from micro start-ups through to ASX 100 listed businesses. If you are an Australian organisation, undertaking research and development activities, we can help.

Why Choose PPM

Clients choose to work with us because we thoroughly understand their commercial goals. We have an in-depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Incentive opportunities, and keep our knowledge up to date at all times. When you work with PPM, you have the added benefit of having a partner assigned to you who is available to provide expert advice, and commercially acceptable solutions in a way that adds value to your business overall.

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PPM is Australia’s premier boutique specialist tax group, with an unparalleled track record of delivering exceptional value in highly specialised areas of tax.

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