FTC Manager

Australia’s leading GPS-based solution for calculating and claiming Fuel Tax Credits.

PPM has partnered with Australia’s leading telematics provider, Teletrac Navman, to develop and operate the first solution for maximising Fuel Tax Credits in Australia to be supported by an ATO Product Ruling.

FTC Manager utilises highly accurate GPS location data to track vehicle activity – on and off the public road network. It automatically calculates off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary fuel use to support high value fuel tax rebates and deliver measurable return on investment.

FTC Manager enables your business to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability. FTC Manager puts money back into your business, saves valuable time, minimises paperwork and eliminates guesswork.

FTC Manager is the first solution in Australia with an ATO Product Ruling confirming that the methodology used is “fair and reasonable” for the purposes of the Fuel Tax Law, giving customers assurance that their FTC claims are maximised without over-claiming (Product Ruling 2021/2).

FTC Manager integrates Teletrac Navman’s GPS data services with PPM’s FTC advisory services, providing a seamless service which:

  • Increases your FTC entitlement with accurate off-road trip recording and auxiliary fuel consumption reports
  • Provides maximum accuracy by only operating with High Definition, second-by-second data and no algorithms to estimate vehicle activities between data points.
  • Reduces your tax risk with Product and Class Ruling technology, full transparency and auditability of claims
  • Reduces your administration time with streamlined claim preparation, automated claims calculations and easy to use online reporting
  • Provides knowledge and awareness of where your vehicles are, where they have been and how they are being driven

Further information for FTC Manager is available on the Teletrac Navman website Here

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The Commissioner of Taxation (Commissioner) does not sanction, endorse or guarantee this product. Further, the Commissioner gives no assurance that the product is commercially viable, that charges are reasonable, appropriate or represent industry norms, or that projected returns will be achieved or are reasonably based.  Potential participants must form their own view about the commercial and financial viability of the product. The Commissioner recommends you consult an independent financial (or other) adviser for such information.

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