Export Market Development Grant

Funding your expansion across the globe

Export Market Development Grants – Advice and Solutions

Expanding into foreign markets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The Australian Federal Government is motivated to bring benefits to Australia by helping them to access foreign markets for Australian products. The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program is the Federal Government’s cornerstone funding program aimed at making that happen. Through this program, the government encourages and supports Australian businesses to seek export opportunities for their goods, services and intellectual property.

At PPM we have an unparalleled team of experienced EMDG consultants who can assist you to access the maximum possible refund under the EMDG program. This means you will be unlocking the value of your export-focused activities, creating opportunities for better business outcomes and even driving benefits for the Australian economy.

If you’re looking for export opportunities, or for funding to help make those opportunities a reality, our team is here to help.

Who is Eligible for the EMDG program?

The key eligibility criteria are:

If you meet these criteria then your business may be eligible for a grant of up to $150,000 per year, for a maximum of eight years.

How We Help

Our Full Service EMDG Services

PPM offers a Full EMDG Preparation and Lodgement Service. Backed by our extremely experienced specialist team, this service is designed to take you from the preliminary eligibility analysis through to receiving your EMDG refund.

As part of this full service, your PPM EMDG specialist consultant will:

What Expenses Can Be Claimed?

No Upfront Fees

At PPM, we believe in delivering exceptional outcomes to you while also providing outstanding value. We’re willing to back our methodology and reputation by offering you no upfront fees for this service.

Instead, our fees are linked to a percentage of the grant value, with a minimum fee in place. While the ‘percentage of grant’ fee arrangement is an industry standard amongst EMDG practitioners, many EMDG consultants do not offer a ‘full service’ for this fee. Instead they rely on their clients to do most of the heavy lifting associated with preparing their EMDG claim.

At PPM we believe that our full service will bring you more return on your claim – and that means a win for everyone.

Why Choose PPM

Our EMDG specialists understand how important your export development can be for your business. Our approach is very hands on and partner led. When you work with us you can be confident that we will identify all possible eligible expenses and draft supporting documentation to assist in maximising your EDMG claim.

We have continuously delivered to our clients the maximum possible outcome, while providing Austrade with very little opportunity to reduce claims during an audit. The end result is a much higher EMDG grant for your company, and a chance to dramatically increase your ability to develop into foreign markets.

Specialisation is the key to unlocking exceptional outcomes for clients.

PPM is Australia’s premier boutique specialist tax group, with an unparalleled track record of delivering exceptional value in highly specialised areas of tax.

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