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Payroll Tax Advice and Solutions

Payroll tax is a state-based tax imposed on employers (or groups of employers) that pay annual Australian wages over the specified threshold amount. In Queensland, payroll tax is imposed on employers that pay $1.1 million or more in “taxable wages” to employees (and certain contractors) and is payable at the rate of 4.75%. Taxable wages are broadly defined to include (amongst other things) salaries, wages, superannuation contributions, bonuses, allowances, commissions, director’s fees, termination payments, taxable contractor payments and fringe benefits.

Our team has specialist knowledge of the Payroll Tax regimes in each State and Territory and we offer a range of payroll tax consulting services, including:

• monthly payroll tax compliance;

• State Revenue Authority audit assistance;

• prudential reviews;

• voluntary disclosures for under/overpayments of payroll tax;

• objections to payroll tax assessments;

• de-grouping applications;

• applications for registration as a charitable institution; and

• complex payroll tax consulting advice.

The current and previous Australian payroll tax rates and thresholds are available here.

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