Customs Duty

Customs Duty Advice and Solutions

Customs duty tax can have broad applications for many businesses – even if you’re not specifically in the import market. If your business has purchased any goods from overseas, from company shirts to computer equipment, you will likely have paid customs duty on those goods. If you weren’t aware of the customs duty concessions available, you may have paid more than you needed to.

At PPM, we are specialists in customs duty taxation. We understand where you can reduce or even eliminate the amount of customs duty payable on goods – even if you’ve already made those payments. Our experts can help you proactively manage future importations and ensure compliance with all relevant laws. If you’ve already been hit with penalties for custom duty breaches, we can assist with dispute resolution and minimisation of those penalties, as well.

How We Can Help

Our specialists can help you understand what customs duties you may be on the line for before you purchase goods from overseas, and we can help you find concessions that will help you pay less on those items. We can also help you if you’ve already paid your duties, but could have had the benefit of a concession through our customs duty refund assessment process.

Customs Duty Refund Assessment

Our customs duty refund assessment is a simple process. We review your past importations based on data provided from the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service. Then we provide you with a brief report outlining any areas of potential retrospective customs duty refunds. Once we identify a refund opportunity, we will work with you in order to recover those amounts.

What We Do

At PPM we offer you a wide range of customs duty advice and solutions, including:

Why Choose PPM

Clients choose to work with us because we thoroughly understand their commercial goals. We have an in-depth knowledge of customs duty legislation, and keep our knowledge up to date at all times. When you work with PPM, you have the added benefit of having a partner assigned to you who is available to provide expert advice, and commercially acceptable solutions in a way that adds value to the business overall.

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